Detached Garage Advantages

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The garage is a highly resourceful part of your personal property that is not merely confined as the resting place of your car and also serves as an excellent place to store your gardening equipment, car maintenances supplies, fuel, and tools for day-to-day household DIY tasks. For that matter, many perceive that a garage attached to their house brings a lot of conveniences and keeps both parts of the property connected for better use. However, the truth of the matter is that attached garages have several cons, and detached garages have a lot more to offer and carry extra advantages.

If you’re confused about buying a home with a detached garage or getting one built away from your home is a good decision or not- here are some benefits of detached guitars to make up your mind.

All Good Things About Detached Garages

A detached garage will always serve you better than one connected to your house, and here is why we say that:

Better Design Prospects

Since not everyone can buy a new home every day, detached garages are a better fit for older homes and an excellent alternative to a garage that takes up your house’s entire façade, especially if you own a smaller residential space. With a detached garage, you get to have better design prospects and innovative ideas.

These may include having a separate garage built at an angular position to your home, keep it remote by setting it up in the backyard or at the backside of the house. A detached garage also allows you the option to build a living space above it.

Ensures Safety For Your House

Detached garages make up for a safer option for your house. How? Many owners use their garage to store combustible items and products like weed killers, paint, insect killers and other chemicals that release toxic fumes and start a fire in no time, by a slight trigger. A detached garage is a safer place for this purpose and also prevents carbon monoxide exposure and vehicle emissions from penetrating your living space.

Better Home Security

In extension to the above, a detached garage also ensures better security for your house. And how is that? The attached garages serve as a connecting point to your house and simultaneously a potential spot for break-ins and intruder activity. A criminal may break into your house through a common window or doors connecting the house and the garage. On the contrary, and for the better, a detached garage limits access for intruders to your home and allows you enough time to respond better to such unpleasant activities.

Allows Privacy

Contrary to the attached garages that allow direct walk-in from the house into the garage and vice versa, a detached garage offers more privacy you may need quite often. During DIY repairs and construction tasks that require consistent focus and a distraction-free environment- nothing stands next to a detached garage to get the job done best.

Less Noise

Car maintenance, DIY drilling, construction and other technical tasks that make a lot of noise may become an all-time nuisance for your family if your garage is joined to the house. Hence, a detached garage happens to be a better option to keep your people undisturbed while you do your job.

The Bottom Line

A detached garage is far better than having one attached to your house for the above and many other pressing reasons. It has more pros, lesser cons and a lot more to offer than attached garages.

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