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Garages can be completely integrated into a house. A garage could be attached or semi-detached. It could be completely detached. A detached garage could be your personal choice or a compulsion. Homes that do not have provisions to have an attached garage will need a detached garage. If you look at it objectively, then there are advantages of all such choices and there are certain shortcomings that would be unpleasant in certain scenarios. For instance, certain homes are designed to have an integrated garage. Such homes don’t look good with a detached garage. But most homes would have a semi-detached or a completely detached garage. That is how the overall architecture had been conceived and that is how you must proceed to construct the garage.

If you are looking for affordable detached garages, then you can either hire a random garage contractor or you can hire the most reliable brand in Des Plaines, IL. We specialize in affordable detached garages. That doesn’t undermine our expertise in integrated or semi-detached garages but when it comes to building something from the ground up, we can take control of the entire design and come up with a detached garage that you would be proud of.

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To begin with, we conduct a site inspection to understand the scope and limitations of a detached garage. Everything will be confined to the lot size, the space allocated for the garage, the driveway which may already be in place or you may want to develop it depending on how your garage turns out, the building codes of Des Plaines in Illinois and your budget. Your personal preferences will also be accounted for. From the choice of material to the type of garage door you want, everything you need and desire will be factored in.

Only after elaborate planning and strategizing would we come up with a plan of action. Should you be happy with the plan, we can proceed. Else, we can always rework the plan to comply with your recommendations. We have built a track record of developing affordable detached garages but that is not at the cost of quintessential or peripheral features. We have a penchant for state of the art garages with excellent features that can stand the test of time. We endeavor to deliver the best detached garage in Des Plaines, Illinois, without costing you a small fortune.

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