How to Keep Your Garage Working in the Winter

Winters are known for the lazy vibe that they bring along, which can turn everyday things such as getting out of bed each morning into a painful struggle. If you are someone who spends most of their day working on Do-It-Yourself projects in the garage, winters can undoubtedly be one of the most brutal and uncomfortable seasons of the year. So before the nip in the air and cold breezes take over your productivity and energy, keep reading to learn about how to keep your garage working in the winter.

Insulate the Walls of Your Garage

Although it’s neither difficult nor costly to get fiberglass batt insulation, getting it installed can be a difficult process. Common mistakes that people make while DIYing the fiberglass batt insulation include:

  • Not following the guide
  • Failing to fasten the batt insulation securely
  • Getting the measurements wrong (cutting it too short or too long).

Therefore, instead of trying to DIY, hire a Garage For You, Inc. professional to help you out.

Replace or Fix Weatherstripping

The primary function of weatherstripping is to create a seal between your garage door opening and the garage door. However, over time and usage, the weatherstripping can get cracked, brittle, and weak, which, if not fixed in time, will allow the cold breeze to enter your garage space. So if you feel cold air coming in, get the weatherstripping replaced before it’s too late.

Start by removing the existing weatherstripping. Next, use a flat scraper, putty knife, or a pry bar to scrape off the remaining sealant. After the surface is clean and smooth, pick up the new weatherstripping and align it with the old one to cut out the perfect measurements. Now all you have to do is align the new weatherstripping with the rubber flaps of the door and press it until it’s perfectly sealed. Although this might seem like an easy and doable process, it’s better to get your weatherstripping fixed or replaced by the Garage For You, Inc. professionals.

Fix Your Garage Door

From reflective barriers and foam boards to fiberglass batt insulation, the market is filled with products to help you insulate your garage door. However, if the design of your door is old and it doesn’t have recessed panels, even installing the most advanced insulation systems won’t do you any good. Therefore, in such cases, it is wise to get your garage door replaced or fixed. At Garage For You, Inc., our highly skilled and experienced professionals will help you find and install the modernized garage door of your needs.

Install a Heater in Your Garage

Although insulation systems and weatherstripping will protect your garage from extremely cold winds, they are of no help when it comes to keeping your garage warm and toasty. This is specifically why getting a heater for your garage is a necessity. With a pocket-friendly cost and minimal space requirement, the unit heaters are excellent to keep the garage warm. Once you finalize the type of heater – electric or gas – you want, give the professionals at Garage For You, Inc. a call to help you out.

Wrapping It Up!

Did you know that you can save up to 10% on your annual energy bills with proper insulation of your garage and other rooms? Now that you have learned how to keep your garage working in the winter, get the most reliable and efficient garage builders in Chicago by clicking here.

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