When Should I Get New Garage Door Opener?

Believe it or not, your garage is one of the most used spaces of your house, and its door opener is one of the most essential devices that you have. It’s one of those handy gadgets we use thousands of times in a year to open and shut our garage, thereby holding a lot of significance in our daily lives, yet we take it for granted and only care so much when something goes wrong with it. Although a garage door opener can last you for up to a good 15 years upon reasonable care and maintenance, you may still feel the need to get a new one before that for several reasons. And besides, it’s such an important gadget in our lives that it may be unfair to consider a replacement with a lot of skepticism.  

So, if you wish to always have a smooth experience while opening and closing your garage every day, watch for these signs to consider a new garage door opener.  

Signs You Should Get A New Garage Door Opener

Lets go over some instances when you should seriously consid

er getting a new garage door opener: 

When The Garage Door Shuts And Opens Itself 

Don’t think there’s a ghost in your garage, or that it is haunted if your garage door opens and shuts on its own. That is just your garage door opener acting up. While the gadget is at its funny business, you don’t want an intruder to take advantage of your lousy garage door opener and sneak inside your garage while the door opener opens the door on a whim, or, worse, into your house if you own an attached garage. Hence, what you should do to avoid such a mishap is to restrict the power supply to the door opener and call a technician to diagnose the issue. Chance could be you need a new garage door opener.  

When The Garage Door Won’t Come Down Or Go Up 

If your garage door messes around while you try to open or close it and gets stuck, you have a problem at hand. Before concluding your garage door opener as the culprit- check your tracks if they’re bent or clogged with debris, because when the door gets stuck it’s no longer able to move in sync with the tracks. If the tracks look fine, then your garage door opener is to be blamed for the issue. 

When You Hear Unusual Sounds From The Garage Door Opener  

Like every other machine and gadget, a garage door also begins to make unusual sounds and noises when things go south. As your garage door opener gets older, its noise also gets louder like a roar. When that begins, it may be time to consider a replacement of your garage door opener. 

When Notice Intense Vibrations When The Opener Runs 

Another visible sign you may encounter is intense vibrations when you power your garage door opener. When the garage opener starts to shake, it begins to loosen from the ceiling and may fall on top of your vehicle. Loss upon loss it is indeed; hence, you better not ignore those vibrations and start planning to replace your garage door opener before it ruins your garage’s activity. 

The Bottom Line 

A garage door opener is just as important as any other daily-use home device is. A faulty garage door opener may make you handicapped until you get it fixed or replaced. Watch out for the signs mentioned above to ensure timely maintenance and replacements. 

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